Are you a mum on your own?

Do you need accommodation because you are on your own or not from New Zealand?

Do you fear you do not have the skills to care for your baby alone?

Are your family unable or unwilling to support you with your pregnancy?

Whatever your concerns are we are here to help.

St Gianna’s Home for Mothers and Babies is a haven for women wanting to make a fresh start with their babies. We live and work alongside you as you prepare for the birth of your baby and beyond.

The Home fosters a family environment: preparing meals, baking together, sharing household tasks and gardening. It is close to lovely parks and a thriving town centre, just a 10-minute walk from the Home in the South Auckland area.

We encourage and support you to participate in local education programmes like antenatal classes, parenting courses and first aid courses. All our experienced staff are on hand to help and guide you on your path to motherhood and independence.

We work to help pregnant mothers in need and also offer respite care and time out for single mums who need some support with their babies or children.

For more information about the home or to apply, please email

Call us on 0800 367 5433 or text 027 511 2205