Your Options

If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, you might be feeling worried, scared, trapped and unsure what to do.  Although you may be contemplating abortion, you do have three options to consider:

•  Parenting
•  Adoption
•  Abortion
Before you make any decisions, let’s chat.  Phone 0800 367 5433, text on 027 448 80 70 or send us a message via our Contact page.


When faced with an unexpected pregnancy, the choice to continue your pregnancy and to parent your baby is not an easy decision.  You will have hopes, dreams and plans for the future.  But all is not lost.  At Family Life Crisis Pregnancy Centre we can assist you in exploring all your positive choices regarding parenting.

With our help and support we can work with you to make a plan that allows you to positively move forward with your life.


Adoption, while not necessarily on your radar right now, is a positive option to consider.

These days adoption in New Zealand is usually open – meaning that both birth parents and adoptive parents are known to each other and contact is maintained (to the extent that everyone is comfortable with). You will be able to meet with and choose any prospective adoptive parents.

Many women who have chosen adoption have done so after thinking that abortion was the only option in their situation.

Adoption can be a loving option for you, baby and the adoptive family.

Before you make any decisions please call so that we can talk through your situation and all the positive options that are available to you.


If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy, you may be thinking that abortion is your only option.  Before you make any decisions, you should know all the facts.  While some information about abortion is provided here, it is best to call our Option Line 0800 367 5433 and talk through your specific situation with one of our team members.

The following information is given to help you understand the law around abortion in New Zealand, the procedures and the risks and possible complications involved.

A woman can obtain an abortion in New Zealand only if she meets certain criteria which is confirmed by two certifying consultants.

The information presented on this website is intended for general education purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional and/or medical advice.